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William Peyton Pinckard (born in Chambers County) was a lawyer and businessman.

Pinckard, son of Peyton Jett and Edna Armstrong Pinkcard, grew up Chambers County and Georgia, later getting his law degree from the University of Virginia. We was admitted to the Alabama bar in Opelika and practiced in east Alabama for eight years.

In 1886, Pinckard moved to the Birmingham District. There, he was an early developer of the DeBardeleben Coal and Iron Company, the Bessemer Land Company, the Bessemer Rolling Mills, and the Bessemer and Birmingham Street Railway. In 1887, he founded The Daily Herald to compete against the existing Daily Age. The following year, the two papers merged into The Birmingham Age-Herald, with Pinckard retaining ownership until he sold it in 1894.

Pinckard went on to help organize the Republic Iron and Steel Company and develop coal and iron fields at Dudley in Tuscaloosa County.

Pinckard married the former Lucy E. Ryburn on January 15, 1880. The couple had seven children: Ryburn, Marie, Peyton, Peter, Lucy, Marian, and Paul.


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