1913 Alabama State Fair

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The 1913 Alabama State Fair was a State Fair held in October 1018, 1913 at the Alabama State Fairgrounds. The fair was organized by director B. B. Burton and included displays of livestock, produce and other farm and industrial products brought from various county fairs and Chambers of Commerce.

Entrance to the fair grounds included admittance for football games, horse and motorcycle races, and a Birmingham Kennel Club dog show. Stage attractions included the "Five Ferris Wheel Girls," "Fink's Comedy Mules," the "Yamato Troupe" of Japanese wire walkers, Madame Maranette and Colonel Harris' equestrian act, the "Delemede Troupe" presenting "poses plastique", an Arabian jumping horse, "Omura and Son" performing perched atop poles, "Guacho the Trotting Ostrich", an aerial ladder act, and various Mexican athletes and acrobats. The midway, dubbed the "Piaza of Pleasure", featured Con. T. Kennedy's marvels.

Meanwhile "lessons of practical benefit" were presented at the fair, including displays of handmade goods and lectures in home economy by Mrs J. B. Reid.

Special precautions were taken with the help of the U.S. Tick Eradication Bureau to protect fair-goers from the threat of ticks.