1921 throwback game

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The 1921 throwback game was an early example of a "throwback" baseball game. It was held on Tuesday October 25, 1921 at Rickwood Field as part of Birmingham's semicentennial celebrations.

The game was part of a double-header which concluded with a standard match-up later in the afternoon. The throwback game began at 2:00 PM with teams wearing old-style uniforms and playing by the rules of the game as they were in 1872. The teams were styled as the "Elyton Warriors" and the "Cahaba Invincibles", and the game ended in a draw.


  1. It is possible that the teams were named for Confederate infrantry units. A unit called the "Jefferson Warriors" was organized at Mount Pinson in July 1861 and the "Shelby Invincibles" were organized in Harpersville on August 19, 1861.