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1 Environs Parkway is a 14,352 square-foot office building on a 13.2 acre lot on Environs Parkway, south of Shelby County Highway 13 in western Helena.

It was constructed in 1990 and served as the offices International Expeditions, a specialty travel agency which was acquired by the TUI Group of Hanover, Germany and now shares offices with Zegrahm Expeditions of Seattle, Washington. The building has 26 private offices with a kitchen, a conference room and a large deck overlooking a small artificial lake. The building has two fireplaces and a propane-fueled backup generator.

In July 2021 Zegrahm sold the property to Highlands Treatment Center, an affiliate of Alsana, for $1.425 million. They converted it into a live-in treatment center for persons with eating disorders.


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