2007 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival

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2007 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival logo

The 2007 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, held on September 28-30, was the 9th in the annual series. For 2007, the Life & Liberty sidebar was added, and featured Civil and Human Rights related films, in partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The second annual Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival was held on Saturday September 29. In January, Catherine Pfitzer was named executive director of the festival, after founder Erik Jambor resigned. Pfitzer had been the festival's program manager since 2003.

Advance weekend passes were $25. The festival jury included Gabriel Wardell, Eric Campos, Skizz Cyzyk, Alison Bagnall, Amy Dotson, Rosanne Korenberg, Norton Dill, Heidi Van Lier and Steve Montal. There were 15 narrative features and 20 documentary features in competition:

Narrative features

  • American Fork
  • August the First
  • Blood Car
  • Great World of Sound
  • Hannah Takes the Stairs
  • Her Best Move
  • Last Stop for Paul
  • Low and Behold
  • Mexican Sunrise
  • Murder Party
  • Overflow
  • Park
  • The Ten
  • True Love
  • Weirdsville

Documentary features

  • Backstage
  • Beyond the Call
  • Climb for the Cause: A Breast Cancer Story
  • Come Walk in My Shoes
  • Comañeras
  • Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life
  • The Devil Came on Horseback
  • Dirty Country
  • A Dream in Doubt
  • Fish Kill Flea
  • For the Bible Tells Me So
  • Greensboro: Closer to the Truth
  • Hellfighters
  • The Jesus Guy
  • Join Us
  • Kamp Katrina
  • Lost and Found in Mexico
  • Mr. Dial Has Something to Say
  • The Paper
  • Row Hard No Excuses


  • Best Feature: Low and Behold
  • Best Director: Zack Godshall, Low and Behold
  • Best Documentary: Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life
  • Audience Choice, Best Feature: American Fork
  • Audience Choice, Best Documentary: Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life


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