3900 Clairmont Avenue

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3900 Clairmont Avenue is a 1-story, 60-foot by 50-foot commercial building located at 3900 Clairmont Avenue in the Forest Park subdivision of Forest Park-South Avondale. It is on the north side of the avenue, and adjoins the similar and contemporary 3908 Clairmont Avenue building, together spanning the entire short block between 39th Street South and 39th Place South, and anchoring the business district of what is now known as "Forest Park Village".

The buildings were constructed in 1922 and are faced in the same red brick with matching limestone trim. The 50-foot deep western building is divided into three 20-foot wide bays, while the 90-foot deep eastern building is divided into two 30-foot wide bays. The two are divided by a masonry party wall, with only a small disruption in the façade to mark the joint.

From 2004 to 2020 the building was owned by Zoe's Forest Park proprietor Deborah Bashinsky. She sold the building to Dunn Real Estate for $655,000 in July 2020.



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