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Alabama Art Monthly (originally Birmingham Art Monthly) was an arts magazine published from 1994 to 1996 by Jon Coffelt of Agnes gallery. At its peak, the monthly counted 5,000 paid subscribers and a distribution of 10,000 copies, printed on recycled paper.

When it was launched, the magazine's staff included creative director Linda Hyde, arts editor Paul Barrett, and Lee Isaacs as photo editor. Hyde was succeeded by Carol Yates, who redesigned the publication for a statewide audience while Barrett took over editorial duties from Coffelt. Alan Heldman, Dorah Rosen, Stephen Ley and many other volunteers contributed features and articles.

Regular features included "Artist to Artist" double-interviews, a "Gallery of the Month" profile and a "Collector's Page" column. The publication also provided free exhibit listings for public and non-profit galleries and a few paid listings for commercial gallery exhibits. Despite generous support from the Magic City Art Connection, Space One Eleven and the Southern Shofar, the magazine earned little support from the museum, for-profit galleries and the public at large. It ceased publication after 20 issues.