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This article is about the 1880s building on 1st Avenue North. For the 1890 building on 3rd Avenue North, see Kessler Building.

The Allen Building (later called the Phillips Building) was a 3-story masonry commercial building, 25 feet wide by 182 feet deep, located at 1909 1st Avenue North, stretching across the block to 1908 Morris Avenue. It was built in the 1880s by James Allen for the James A. Allen & Co. wholesale grocery house, which became Allen, Scott & Sherrard and, after 1885, Allen, Scott & Company.

The upper floor was used for meetings under the name Red Mens' Hall in 1904.

By 1940 the building was used by the G. C. Phillips Tractor Co. and was referred to by their name. It is currently the location of an Allright parking garage.