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This article is about the street in Ensley. For the downtown Birmingham street, see 9th Avenue South.

Avenue I is a street eight blocks south of the railroad tracks in downtown Ensley which continues south along the western edge of the Belview Heights neighborhood.

On its eastern end, separated by Village Creek it runs for two blocks into South Pratt, ending at 9th Street Pratt. It picks up in Ensley at 12th Street and continues under I-20/59 into Fairfield, where it becomes Donald Parkway.

At Pike Road a section of Avenue I breaks off for a block to Valley Road Place. Valley Road Place continues as Avenue I as it crosses 41st Street Ensley and becomes Court I at 48th Street Ensley. Avenue I picks up a block west from 48th Place and ends at 57th Street Ensley, just shy of Vinesville Road. It picks up again at 58th Street Ensley and terminates at 61st Street West.

As it enters Fairfield at 36th Street Ensley just north of I-20/59, it continues under the interstate as Lloyd Noland Parkway.

In 2011 the five-block section of Avenue I between 12th Street and 17th Street is named in honor of Mable Anderson, founder of the Village Creek Human and Environmental Justice Society.

Notable addresses

South Pratt


Belview Heights