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Birmingham Metro Baptist Association is a local association of Southern Baptist churches. It began as the Canaan Association of United Baptists formed by 10 churches at the Canaan Baptist Church in Bessemer in 1833. The association later changed its name to the Birmingham Baptist Association. In 1946 member churches in and around Bessemer left the Birmingham association to found the Bessemer Baptist Association. The two associations voted to reunite on Monday, October 26, 2020.

Barry Cosper the last director of mission of the Bessemer Baptist Association servied as the newly merged association as Bessmer regional director until his retirement in December 2023.

Throughout its history, the BMBA has been an affiliate of the Alabama Baptist State Convention.

In 2021 the newly reunited association had 175 churches as members, by March 2023, that number had grown to 180.

For member congregations see List of Churches in the Birmingham Metro Baptist Association.

Chris Crain is the executive director. The association's offices are off Montclair Road at 1449 Medical Park Drive in Birmingham. For many years its offices were a block away at 750 Montclair Road; earlier they were at 807 20th Street South.

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