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20th Street South in October 1962

20th Street South is a north-south street in midtown and southside Birmingham. 20th Street begins at the southern end of 20th Street North at the Railroad Reservation. From there it first crosses Powell Avenue, and then continues through Southside for sixteen blocks to where it intersects with Richard Arrington Jr Boulevard South.

The street runs through the UAB Medical Center, and from 10th Avenue South to Highland Avenue, it is the main road through Five Points South, a major restaurant and entertainment hub of the city.

During the 1980s rows of Willow oak trees were installed along 20th Street South as part of the city's urban tree planting project, guided by Nimrod Long & Associates.

Notable Locations (north to south)

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 20th Street South category.

Railroad Reservation/20th Street underpass

road continues north as 20th Street North

Powell Avenue

The Alagasco Building in 2010

former Alabama Great Southern Railroad crossing

Moore-Handley Hardware Co. in 1904

1st Avenue South

2nd Avenue South

c. 1963 view looking north up 20th Street toward downtown

3rd Avenue South

4th Avenue South

1977 advertisement for "The Strip"
start of UAB campus

5th Avenue South

6th Avenue South

Hillman Hospital, c. 1929

7th Avenue South

University Boulevard (formerly 8th Avenue South)

8th Court South (east) / 9th Avenue South (west)

10th Avenue South intersection

Five Points South begins

Magnolia Avenue

11th Avenue South

12th Avenue South/Highland Avenue

13th Avenue South

14th Avenue South

15th Avenue South

16th Avenue South

U. S. Highway 31 in Birmingham
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Current route Carraway Blvd · Elton B. Stephens Expressway Elton B. Stephens Expressway
Previous routes 8th Avenue N · 24th Street N 24th Street S · 7th Avenue S · 20th Street S · 21st Street S


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