Stream of Consciousness Koffiehuis

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The Stream of Consciousness Koffiehuis was a coffee shop and desser bar that operated from 1993 through 1995 at 1128 20th Street South within the Terrace Court building. The establishment was notable in that it was one of the first modern coffeehouses within the Birmingham district prior to the national coffeehouse explosion of the late-1990s that made them commonplace throughout the country.

Local businessman and marketing expert Kerry Hayden opened the Koffiehuis as a place where people could gather and talk amongst one another outside a bar setting. This also became a popular late night destination for 20-and-unders who were not allowed to enter the various bars in the Five Points district.

Some of the various offerings included: the "Huis blend" coffee, Italian soda, Espresso Classico and the Stream Mocha. For desserts, some of their offerings included cheesecake, pound cake, Dutch bread pudding, "Aunt Bea's Hummingbird Cake," and the "$1,000 apple raisin spice cake."