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Louie Louie was a night club located at 2001 Highland Avenue in the corner of the Shepherd-Sloss building at 20th Street South near Five Points South in Southside Birmingham. The club opened in 1982 and was co-owned by Jim Buford. Louie Louie's last night of operation was March 15, 1997. Local Birmingham band, Mother Mercy (with Humdinger) played the final show. After this, it was converted into a second location of Atlanta's Bell Bottoms.

For eight years the club hosted an anniversary party to benefit Toys for Tots. Members of local bands would put their names in a hat to form one-time "supergroups" to take the stage.

Preceded by:
Cadillac Café
2001 Highland Avenue
1982 - 1997
Succeeded by:
Bell Bottoms