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Sixth Avenue South (originally Avenue F) is a major east-west corridor in downtown Birmingham. It is the farthest westward-reaching avenue on downtown Birmingham's south side, the westernmost eight blocks (west of Center Street) being designated 6th Avenue Southwest and ending at the entrance to Elmwood Cemetery on Martin Luther King, Jr Drive. The easternmost segment ends at 85th Street in South East Lake.

The section of 6th Avenue west of Interstate 65 divides North Titusville from South Titusville. Between 34th and 37th Street South it divides the Southside neighborhood from Forest Park-South Avondale.

Sixth Avenue is continuous from Martin Luther King, Jr Drive to 39th Street South, passing through the center of the Titusville community, under I-65, through the UAB campus, and under the Elton B. Stephens Expressway. From Martin Luther King, Jr Drive to 37th Street, it is a four- or five-lane street. The rest is a two-lane residential road.

The residential portion is first interrupted between 40th and 42nd Streets for Avondale Park, ending again at 46th Alley. Beyond that, there are several discontinuous sections through East Avondale, Crestwood North, Oak Ridge Park, East Lake, and South East Lake, none of which intersect with any major thoroughfares.

Notable locations

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North & South Titusville neighborhoods

6th Avenue Southwest

6th Avenue South

Note: This block is numbered 400–431 in 1935.
Note: This block is numbered 500–538 in 1935.

Five Points South neighborhood (UAB campus)

6th Avenue South looking east from 17th Street South
6th Avenue South looking east from 20th Street South

Southside neighborhood

Southside neighborhood/Forest Park-South Avondale neighborhood

Carlile's Barbecue at 3511 6th Avenue South

Forest Park-South Avondale neighborhood

Crestwood North neighborhood