29th Street South

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Twenty-ninth Street South is a north-south street in Birmingham's Southside neighborhood, running from 2nd Avenue South, through the heart of Lakeview, across University Boulevard/Clairmont Avenue to Rhodes Circle, and from there it continues as far as Pawnee Avenue.

The section between Rhodes Circle and Pawnee was formerly known as Iroquois Street. The business section between Clairmont and 7th Avenue South was given a landscape upgrade in 1996. The concept for the landscaping was designed for the Lakeview District Business Association with the assistance of Auburn University's Urban Studio. Reece, Hoopes & Fincher developed those ideas into a construction plan, consisting of brick-paved circular plazas each focused around a concrete pylon with "Lakeview" carved into the side, supporting tall iron lightposts with gargoyles above. Contractor Gene Daley & Co. installed the improvements.

Notable locations

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