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Second Avenue South (originally Avenue B) is a two-way, east-west avenue in Birmingham. The main section runs from 10th Street South, just west of Interstate 65, to 34th Street South in the east. In 2012, the two blocks between 14th and 16th Streets were closed and removed, to become part the site of Regions Field. The road actually begins as a two-lane residential street at Center Street in North Titusville and runs to the intersection of 3rd Place and Kappa Avenue. West of Center Street, it continues as 2nd Avenue Southwest and runs through Loveman Village, ending just short of Martin Luther King, Jr Drive at Elmwood Cemetery.

Additional sections of 2nd Avenue South exist to the east in Woodlawn and East Lake. One section starts at 38th Street South and extends to just past 44th Street South. Another runs for two blocks between 47th and 49th Street. The final sections are two-lane residential roads. One runs from 62nd to 63rd Streets where it is interrupted by the Interstate 20 right of way. It then resumes in a final long section from 64th Place to 88th Street.

In East Lake, the road was originally known as Underwood Avenue.

Notable locations

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South Titusville

Five Points South neighborhood

Southside neighborhood

Forest Park-South Avondale

East Avondale

South Woodlawn

East Lake neighborhood

South East Lake