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This article is about the processed coconut supplier. For the nationally famous vaudeville and film group, see Lyric Theatre.
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Marx Brothers Inc., founded in 1919, is a supplier of processed coconut to the grocery, bakery and restaurant markets. The firm is headquartered at 3100 2nd Avenue South. Edgar Marx Jr is the current president.

Marx Brother's products include dried and sweetened flaked, shredded, short-shredded, medium-shredded, macaroon, and toasted coconut. They package the coconut in 7-ounce to 50-pound bags for distribution. The company also distributes certified organically-grown coconut products from the Philippines under the "Embé" label.

Marx Brothers was formally incorporated in 1958. In 2015 the company announced plans to expand its 65,000 square foot facility with a 40,000 square foot addition. DesignForm was the architect and Dunn Building Company was the general contractor for the $4.9 million expansion. In 2018 the company added a 12,400 square foot rooftop photovoltaic energy system, expected to reduce its consumption of utility power by about 35%.


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