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21st Street South is a one-way north street running through Birmingham's Southside. The street begins as part of Richard Arrington, Jr Boulevard, branching away from 20th Street South at 16th Avenue South and continuing downhill across Highland Avenue and University Boulevard as far as the middle of the Rainbow Viaduct over the Railroad Reservation. Richard Arrington, Jr Boulevard continues north from there as the former 21st Street North.

Another one-block section of 21st Street South connects 20th and 21st Avenue South near Mountain Brook's English Village.

The southwest corner of Valley Avenue and 21st Street begins the Homewood city limits on the west side of the street. The Birmingham city limits continue south on the east side until a point approximately midway between Valley Avenue and Rosedale Drive, where they again abut the Homewood city limits.


Electric lighting was installed on 21st Street South between the viaduct and 7th Avenue South in 1945 under the city's contract with the Birmingham Electric Company.

The section between 15th and 16th Avenue South was the first to be converted from two-way to one-way traffic in 1954. Southbound drivers were forced to take 15th Avenue to 20th Street South to continue toward Homewood.

Notable locations

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Addresses run from north to south.

21st Street South looking north from 5th Avenue South
21st Street South looking south from 6th Avenue South
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