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Dewberry Engraving, also known as the Dewberry & Montgomery Stationery Co. and National Engraving Company was a printing and engraving company founded by J. Ralph Dewberry in 1901. It grew to become the nation's largest engraving company during the 1950s and 1960s, employing over 300 workers in the production of engraved stationery for customers in all 50 states.

Dewberry & Montgomery kept a store at 2014 2nd Avenue North in 1914, offering engraved cards, writing paper, blank books, school supplies, and drawing outfits. They were also licensed dealers for Keuffel & Esser, distributors of engineers' and architects' supplies.

In 1931 the company was located at 310 20th Street North. By 1941 it had moved to 807 20th Street South, and added a production plant and retail outlet in the Dewberry Building at 3201 4th Avenue South before 1959. The company later moved to U.S. Highway 280 at Valleydale Road with a plant at 248 Oxmoor Court in West Homewood.

The Dewberry family sold the business to the Taylor Corporation of Minnesota in 1991. Some executives have since worked with Pelham's Sweet Pea Designs. The West Homewood plant continued to operate until the summer of 2008, when it was closed as part of a corporate "rightsizing".


Dewberry Printing & Engraving was the publisher of a 1929 book of cartoons from the Birmingham Age-Herald


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