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Birmingham Telecommunications News, commonly referred to as BTN, was an electronic magazine distributed via a variety of bulletin board systems (BBSes) in the Birmingham area from 1988 to 1994. It's ISSN was 1055-4548.

BTN was distributed as a single text file containing multiple articles written by multiple authors. Most BBSes also made it available in ZIP format to reduce download times. The articles covered a wide variety of topics, including software and hardware reviews, technical how-to's, political rants, day in the life stories, BBS and personal profiles, recipes, and song lyrics.

BTN was founded and published by Mark Maisel in April 1988. Maisel also acted as editor for the first fifty issues, covering almost four and a half years. He appointed Scott Hollifield as editor with the fifty-first issue in October 1992, but continued to act as publisher. Hollifield kept BTN going through December 1994, when the final issue, the seventy-third, was published.

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