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Rendering for Britling West

Britling West was a location of the Britling Cafeteria chain which opened in 1964 at 4620 Avenue V at Five Points West near the entrance to the Five Points West Shopping City.

The 260-seat restaurant was designed by architect Harry Hester with three separate dining areas and with air conditioning throughout. The all-stainless steel kitchen was equipped with the newest "Micro-Wave Ovens". The restaurant was constructed at a cost of about $450,000 for the chain, owned by John Holcomb Jr. The suburban site provided parking spaces for 100 cars.

The restaurant held a "Courtesy Day" promotion, offering light refreshments and tours of the new building, on October 21, 1964. It opened for regular dining service the next day.

The building was later renovated for use as the Five Points West Library until 2004.