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Brothers Music Hall was a live music venue located in the 1926 Hollywood Country Club building on Shades Creek Parkway in Homewood from the end of 1978 to 1981.

Dan Nolen and Tony Ruffino created the music hall, which brought in national touring acts such as Chick Corea, The Police, Toto, Elvis Costello, Dire Straits, Hank Williams, Jr, Bob Marley, Pat Benatar, and John Prine. Bunky Anderson of Southeastern Attractions convinced them to book reliable local bands like Hotel for regular engagements. Gary Weinberger joined the partnership, which soon evolved into New Era Productions.

The venue was forced to close because of the deteriorating state of the country club building. The music hall closed on New Year's Eve 1981, with a show by Hotel. The building was destroyed by fire in 1984. A Courtyard by Marriott hotel now sits on the site.

New Era went on to open the Five Points South Music Hall that same year, hoping to recapture the feel of Brothers Music Hall. The company also developed the Oak Mountain Amphitheatre.


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