Gary Weinberger

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Gary Weinberger (born c. 1954) is a music promoter and founder of New Era Productions and Red Mountain Entertainment. He was a part owner, with Dan Nolen and Tony Ruffino, of Brothers Music Hall in Birmingham and went on to take a lead role in developing the Oak Mountain Amphitheater in Pelham.

Weinberger grew up in the Idlewood neighborhood of Tuscaloosa. His family moved there while he was in the fifth grade and he was enrolled at Northington Elementary School. He went on to graduate from Tuscaloosa High School in 1972. While at the University of Alabama he became involved with the student group that produced events at the Ferguson Center. There he met Michael Trucks, who had been involved in bringing big name acts to Memorial Coliseum through a connection with Tony Ruffino.

After graduating with a degree in American studies, Weinberger began writing for the University's office of information services and began taking graduate courses in journalism. Ruffino had moved to Birmingham to produce events at the BJCC in 1979 and asked Weinberger to join him full time.