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Cassidy was a three-legged, tailless, tiger-striped tabby cat typically found near the front door of Ed's Pet World.

Ed Cosby, the store's owner, had found Cassidy as a kitten on the side of Interstate 65 at the Valleydale Road exit circa 1988. Cosby theorized Cassidy had crawled up into an engine, gotten caught by a fan belt, and was thrown from the vehicle. The veterinarian Cosby took Cassidy to amputated the kitten's front left leg and tail, but doubted the kitten would survive. Despite his injuries, Cassidy went on to spend 12 years as the store's greeter. People would come to the store just to see and pet the cat. Some would also bring him presents or treats.

In late October 2000, Cassidy disappeared. Cosby believed Cassidy was stolen, stating that as a neutered male, "he had no reason to wander". After word of his disappearance spread, people from across the state called the store to express their concern.


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