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Crape Myrtles (L. Indica) Café is a restaurant located at the back of Little Professor Book Center at 2721 18th Street South in Homewood. It is owned by Jim Muir and Chop Nguyen and named for the non-native flowering tree popular for use in local landscaping.

The restaurant opened as Crape Myrtle's in 1993, after Little Professor moved to its current location. In December 2006, Crape Myrtle's closed for remodeling, reopening in January 2007. This included the addition of an outdoor dining area seating about 20 diners under a shaded arbor. The outdoor area has been landscaped with flowering shrubs as well as maples and crape myrtles.

The café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a special Sunday brunch. Breakfast specials include a traditional Southern breakfast plate, a frittata, and chipped beef on toast. The lunch menu features a variety of soups, salads and sandwiches as well as smoked pork loin, grilled fish, meatloaf and Cajun shrimp over rice. The dinner menu includes pasta dishes, crab cakes and beef tenderloin as main courses.

The restaurant also features a full bar and a variety of fresh-baked desserts and coffees.


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