Early Days in Birmingham

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Early Days in Birmingham (published September, 1968) is a collection of 24 papers presented by members of the Pioneers Club, made up of women who had lived in Birmingham before the December 31, 1873 "Calico Ball".

Beginning in 1914 the club met twice annually and presented papers on assigned historical topics. As eyewitnesses -- and often participants -- in the events described, the women's papers comprise a singular resource for historians.

In anticipation of Birmingham's 1971 Centennial the papers were published in 1968 by the Southern University Press. A brief biographical sketch of the author was added as an epigram to each chapter. The Birmingham Publishing Company printed and bound the 102-page book in a hardback edition of 500 copies.


  1. "Earliest Pioneer Days of Birmingham" by Ella Cheek Hawkins
  2. "A Few Pioneers" by Annie Linn Henley
  3. "Pioneer Women of Birmingham" by Dora McCree Francis
  4. "The Cholera" by Susan Dillard Luckie
  5. "Civic Improvements" by Ellen Linn Watts
  6. "The First Physicians" by Florence Earle Jordan
  7. "Early Churches and Pastors" by Margaret E. Ward
  8. "Lawyers of the Early Days of Birmingham" by Minnie Terry Lane
  9. "Birmingham's Early Play Houses" by Dannie McBride O'Brien
  10. "Mode of Transportation in the Early Days of Birmingham" by Jessie Crawford Bonner
  11. "The Young Men of the Early Seventies" by Margaret Cummins Nixon
  12. "The First Merchants" by Sue Kerr Allen
  13. "Early Life in Society" by Sallie Harrison Pearson
  14. "First Industries" by Mary Willis Lide
  15. "The First Three Mayors of Birmingham" by Arabella Morris
  16. "First Schools" by Ella Didlake Roden
  17. "Major Thomas Peters" by Matilda E. Cressman
  18. "The Beginning of the Drug Business" by Catherine Smith Erswell
  19. "History of the Elyton Land Company" by Gustrine Key Milner
  20. "Birmingham's First Railroads" by Sallie Hoke Jackson
  21. "A Few Reminisces of the Early Days" by Lucy A. Miles
  22. "Early Industries of Birmingham" by Mary E. Kelley
  23. "An Early Altar" by Carrie Phelan Beale
  24. "The Calico Ball" by Jessie Crawford Bonner