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Eddie Wright (born in Cambellton, Florida; died November 8, 2005 in Mobile) was the owner of Big Hearted Eddie's Used Cars on 7th Avenue South, and later at 2425 3rd Avenue South.

As a car dealer, Wright was known for accepting almost anything for a down payment and offering cars to people with poor credit or no credit.

Wright was an early advertiser on the first Country Boy Eddie Show in 1957. In 1958 Wright was one of the investors in the construction of the Dixie Speedway operated by B. J. Parker in Midfield. He was also the primary sponsor of the Morris Mini driven by Bobby Rutherford at the track. In the 1960s he sponsored the Live from Big Hearted Eddie's program, hosted by Jerry Woodard on WBRC-TV.

Wright lived in Mobile and died there in November 2005. He was survived by his wife, Jean, four children and five grandchildren. He is buried at Dauphin Island Cemetery.


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