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Ellard Cemetery, formerly known as the Barton Community Cemetery, Barton Family Cemetery, Barton Cemetery, Inglenook Cemetery, McDonald Cemetery or Old Enon Cemetery, is a small cemetery located ay 1751 Gadsden Highway, adjoining the much-larger Jefferson Memorial Gardens in Trussville

The cemetery began as a family burial plot on the Barton Farm, which later became a section of East Lake in the vicinity of 68th Street and 6th Avenue North, property later acquired by Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.

The oldest burial associated with the cemetery is that of Andrew Barton, who died in 1848. It became a community cemetery in 1856 when Nancy Ellard, the first wife of William Washington Ellard, passed and the Barton's allowed her to be buried on the farm.

The land was sold in early 1888 and the new cemetery plot in Trussville was dedicated on March 14 of that year. In 1994, Nancy Ellard, along with fifty other relatives that had remained in the family plot, were relocated to the Trussville cemtery to make room for expansion of the airport's north-south runway.

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