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For the Record was a statewide weekly news program produced in Montgomery by Alabama Public Television from the early 1980s to February 3, 2009.

Rick Journey filled in as host of the program during 1996. The show was hosted since 1998 by Tim Lennox, along with regular panelists from the media and weekly guests, usually political figures involved in issues facing the state.

Until 2006 the show aired nightly for 30 minutes and included a 10-minute statewide news recap followed by a 20-minute single-topic roundtable discussion. At that point the news segment was eliminated and the news staff trimmed. Not long afterwards the show was changed to an hour-long weekly format, extending the roundtable discussion, but reducing the number of panelists from three to two.

The program was cancelled in 2009 by APT executive director Allan Pizzato, who was facing nearly $3 million in budget cuts during statewide proration.


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