Galatoire's Hotel & Restaurant

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Galatoire's Hotel & Restaurant was a fine restaurant and hotel located at 108-110 21st Street North in downtown Birmingham between about 1888 and 1892. It was owned and operated by French-born chef Jean Galatoire, who went on to found the long-lived Galatoire's Restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Galatoire was reimbursed $53.20 for the expenses he incurred in providing meals for the Alabama State Troops during their mobilization to defuse the Hawes riot in December 1888.

One of Galatoire's regular customers was industrialist J. H. Woodward. On his 46th birthday, Woodward dined at Galatoire's with his future son-in-law, Oscar Underwood, to discuss iron markets.

Galatoire closed the business on May 5, 1892, with unpaid debts of about $4,000.


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