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Gardendale Historical Society Museum sign

The Gardendale Historical Society was created in 2006 to document and preserve the history of the city of Gardendale. The group meets on the third Saturday of each month at the Gardendale- Martha Moore Public Library.

The society's first major project was the development of a self-guided tour of historical sites in the area. The group opened a public museum and reading room at 175 Bell Street on January 17, 2015. A featured display in the museum is century-old clay jug of the type manufactured in the area, and for which the community of "Jugtown" was named. Other artifacts displayed include an advertising sign from the Mickwee General Store, a cider press, miners' equipment, Civil War-era relics, antique clothes, a trunk constructed by Alfred Fields, and numerous books, documents and photographs.

In 2016 a collection of painted murals made by eigth-grade Gardendale students in 1940-1941 were donated to the historical society.

On October 19, 2020, the museum was renamed to the Kermit E. Dooley Gardendale Historical Society Museum to honor Kermit Dooley for his long time service to the city of Gardendale. At the same time, Bell Street, where the museum resides, was renamed to JD Weeks Drive to honor author and historian JD Weeks for his contributions and support of the historical society.



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