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Gaston Randle is a former member of the Lipscomb City Council, elected in 2004, and served as acting as mayor of Lipscomb for a few months after the resignation of Simon Speights on July 26, 2007.

During an investigation by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office of alleged harassment by Lipscomb Police it was found that Randle, who served as the Council's police commissioner, was reported to have been directly involved in harassment while impersonating an officer. He was arrested on charges of stalking, impersonating a police officer, bribery and extortion - all felonies.

Meanwhile, Mayor Speights' previous felony conviction for larceny came to light and he was forced to resign. Since Randle had been nominated as Mayor Pro Tempore, he assumed the duties of acting mayor on July 26. On August 7 the remaining city council members voted 3-2 to confirm his nomination while they sought a replacement. On October 12, Governor Bob Riley appointed another council member, Deborah Miller to complete Speights' term.

In November 2007 Randle was indicted on all four felony counts. Later in the same month he was arrested by Brighton police on Bessemer Super Highway and charged with public intoxication. Randle, who is diabetic, contends that he was suffering from hyperglycemia and that he was denied medical attention while being "treated like a dog" by police. The city of Brighton is seeking to collect $1,500 in damages that they say Randle caused to his jail cell. He claims the jail's sink was improperly bolted to the wall.

In January 2008 Randle was observed under a car at the Holiday Mobile Home Park in Brighton, apparently trying to disconnect the vehicle's brake lines. He was apprehended after attempting to drive away and charged with a DUI. He resigned his position on the Lipscomb City Council on January 24, 2008, citing health reasons.

Preceded by:
Simon Speights
Mayor of Lipscomb (acting)
July 26 - October 12, 2007
Succeeded by:
Deborah Miller


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