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The City of Ensley was incorporated in 1899 to govern local matters in Ensley. It served for just over a decade until it was annexed into Birmingham under the Greater Birmingham legislation, effective January 1, 1910.

In addition to the executive and legislative offices, Ensley employed a city clerk. An elected chief headed the Ensley Police Department. The Ensley Police Court employed a judge and clerk as well. The Ensley Board of Education oversaw the Bush School, Moore School, and a Ensley Colored School, as well as a kindergarten taught by Nellie Few above a bakery on 19th Street.


The Mayor of Ensley was the elected head of the city government.

List of Mayors

Board of Aldermen

The Ensley Board of Aldermen consisted of two representatives from each voting ward of the city. In 1903 those wards were described as follows:

First Ward

Between 16th Street and the northeastern city limit.

Second Ward

Between 16th and 19th Streets from the Ensley Works on the northwest to Averyt's Addition to Ensley on the southeast.

Third Ward

Between 19th and 23rd Streets, form city line to city line

Fourth Ward

Between 23rd Street and the southwestern city limit.

Fifth Ward

The Fifth Ward was added between 1903 and the 1906 Ensley municipal election.

Police chiefs

The Ensley Police Department was headed by C. F. Camp in December 1904.