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Augustus Gustavus Stollenwerck (born May 10, 1834 in Greensboro, Greene County; died March 8, 1895 in Birmingham) was a stock broker.

Augustus was the son of Louis Marie Auguste Stollenwerck, an attorney who had formerly apprenticed as a watchmaker; and his second wife, the former Arminia Françoise "Aimee" Coupery. They were French citizens born in the colony of St-Domingue (present day Haiti), and came to Alabama in the mid-1820s, several years after fleeing the revolution there.

Stollenwerck married the former Julia Frances Fowlkes on March 1, 1855. The couple resided in Selma before moving to Birmingham, and had nine children between 1858 and 1880.

During the Civil War, Stollenwerck served as a private soldier in the 24th Alabama Infantry. At one time he was recorded as being assigned to commissary duties at Fort Dalton in Georgia.

In Birmingham, Stollenwerck sold stocks and bonds from an office at 1921 1st Avenue North.

Stollenwerck died in 1895. The funeral services where held at his home at 513 23rd Street North and he was buied at Oak Hill Cemetery.

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