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Twenty-third Street North (23rd Street North) is a two-way north-south street in Birmingham's Central City, Druid Hills, Evergreen and North Birmingham neighborhoods.

The downtown section runs north through the city center street grid from Morris Avenue continuously to the BJCC. It then appears through Norwood in discontinuous sections until reappearing in North Birmingham between 29th Avenue North and 36th Avenue North.

During the 1980s rows of Red oak and Bradford pear trees were installed along 23rd Street North as part of the city's urban tree planting project, guided by Nimrod Long & Associates.

Birmingham's 2003 "City Center Master Plan" envisions 23rd Street North as a "Green Street" connecting the Loft District to the BJCC and beyond.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 23rd Street North category.

Central City neighborhood

Druid Hills neighborhood

  • I-59/20 eastbound crosses on elevated deck
  • former location of I-59/20 eastbound onramp
  • I-59/20 westbound crosses on elevated deck
  • street continues as pedestrian plaza below raised pedestrian plaza

Evergreen neighborhood

North Birmingham neighborhood