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Fourth Avenue North is an east-west street running through downtown Birmingham. It runs from Center Street in the west to 24th Street North in the east. From 9th to 24th Streets, the three- to four-lane street is one way westbound.

The road appears again as a two-lane residential street between Interstate 59 and Wahouma Park, west of 72nd Street. It is interrupted by the interstate between 75th and 77th Streets, but then continues from 77th to 88th Place, running between Lynn Park and East Lake Park.

Fourth Avenue runs through a few historic districts, including its own 4th Avenue Historic District (from 16th to 19th Street), the Civil Rights District, and the Loft District. In addition, the buildings at 1914, 1917, 1919, and 1930 are part of the Downtown Birmingham Retail and Theatre Historic District.


Fourth Avenue originally extended east to 26th Street North, but when the Birmingham Post Office was constructed in the early 1970s, it occupied the space where the street had run.

4th Avenue North was converted from two-way to one-way (westbound) traffic was from 24th Street North to 9th Street North in 1973 by the Alabama Department of Transportation's TOPICS (Traffic Operations Program to Increase Capacity and Safety) program.

Notable locations

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Smithfield neighborhood

Fountain Heights

12th Street North intersects

13th Street North intersects

14th Street North intersects

15th Street North intersects

16th Street North intersects

The New Deal Barber Shop at 1701 4th Avenue North
View of the 1700 block of 4th Avenue North in 1977

17th Street North intersects

Mewbourne & Spain at 1809 4th Avenue North
The Fox Building at 1824-30 4th Avenue North

18th Street North intersects

Central City

Birmingham City Hall in 1927
1900 block of 4th Avenue North
Southern Hotel at 4th & 20th

19th Street North intersects

BPA Deck 3 addition (2009)

20th Street North intersects

21st Street North intersects

22nd Street North intersects

23rd Street North intersects

24th Street North intersects