15th Street North

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15th Street North is one of the primary north-south streets on the western end of downtown Birmingham's business district.

The first two blocks of 15th Street have been vacated, so the street now begins at 2nd Avenue North and proceeds northward, below the I-20/59 downtown viaduct to 12th Court North, then jogs to the east to continue another block, ending at 13th Avenue North. Another fragment of 15th Street runs from 22nd Avenue North to Finley Avenue. There is also a cul-de-sac of homes on a section of 15th Street North accessed from 26th Avenue North. Another fragment picks up north of the ACIPCO plant at 32nd Avenue North and continues past 33rd Avenue North to an alleyway.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 15th Street North category.