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Burr & Forman is a Birmingham-based regional law practice headquartered on the top six floors of the Shipt Tower at 420 20th Street North. The firm employs 360 attorneys across 19 offices in eight states. Lee Thuston is the firm's chairman, and Ed Christian is its chief executive officer.

The firm was founded in 1905 as Percy & Benners by John Walker Percy and Augustus Benners. Borden Burr of Talladega joined the practice in 1909, creating the firm of Percy, Benners & Burr. Percy's son, LeRoy Percy, joined the firm in 1914 and James Forman became a member in 1918. The firm, which then kept offices in the Brown Marx Building, counted the First National Bank of Birmingham, the Tennessee Coal Iron & Railroad Company, the DeBardeleben Coal Company, and the Illinois Central Railroad Company among its clients.

In 1929 the practice operated under the name of Benners, Burr, McKamy & Forman and then became Benners, Burr, Stockely & McKamy in 1943.

Borden Burr's son, Samuel Burr, joined the firm in 1948. From 1950 to 1955 it was called Burr, McKamy, Moore & Tate, then Burr, McKamy, Moore & Thomas for another five years. In 1960 it expanded to Moore, Thomas, Taliaferro, Forman & Burr, and then again, to Thomas, Taliaferro, Forman, Burr & Murray until adopting its present name in 1986.

In 1996 the firm relocated to the renovated Forbes Building at 1914 4th Avenue North.

In January 2019 Burr & Forman acquired seven McNair Law Firm offices in North and South Carolina.


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