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13th Street North is one of the primary north-south streets on the western end of downtown Birmingham's business district. The street marks the western edge of the "Downtown district" as defined by the Elyton Land Company's original subdivision of Birmingham Blocks.

The downtown section, south of Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, is one way for vehicular traffic, south only.

13th Street begins between the Railroad Reservation within the property of the Spire Alabama Metro Operations Center and becomes a public street as it crosses 1st Avenue North. Between 1st Avenue and 3rd Avenue North, it carries eastbound traffic on U.S. Highway 11. It continues north to Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard, where it is interrupted by the Birmingham Social Security Administration Center.

The street resumes for one block between 9th and 10th Avenue North, but continues from there as 10th Court North south of Malfunction Junction. North of the interstate, 13th Street reappears between 12th Place North and 14th Avenue North, and in fragments as far as 16th Court North.

A disconnected 13th Street North picks up at 21st Avenue North and crosses Finley Boulevard, ending at Finley Avenue.

Notable locations

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Birmingham Gas Company gas plant at 13th Street and 2nd Avenue North