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12th Avenue North (or Twelfth Avenue North, formerly Fountain Avenue and 12th Avenue) is an east-west street running north of downtown Birmingham and continuing in sections through the east side of the city.

12th Avenue North begins as a continuation of 12th Avenue West at Center Street in East Thomas and runs eastward for two blocks, terminating at Bankhead Highway North and Dorothy Spears Greenway. The street resumes at 3rd Street North in Enon Ridge, and continues as far as 5th Street North, where it is interrupted by Malfunction Junction. It begins again east of I-65 in Fountain Heights and jogs slightly northward, continuing to Oak Hill Cemetery at 17th Street North.

12th Avenue picke up again at Arthur Shores Park and past the north side of Protective Stadium. It crosses over the railroad tracks between 26th and 27th Street North and through Norwood, with an overpass over I-20/59, continuing to Vanderbilt Road at the offices of McWane Cast Iron Pipe Co.

12th Avenue resumes at Appalachee Street, near W. C. Patton Park in East Birmingham, terminating at 40th Street North. It picks back up at 42nd Place North in Kingston for two blocks, then reappears between 45th Street North to 50th Street North.

Notable locations

East Thomas neighborhood

Enon Ridge neighborhood

Fountain Heights neighborhood

Druid Hills neighborhood

Norwood neighborhood

East Birmingham neighborhood

Kingston neighborhood