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14th Street North is one of the primary north-south streets on the western end of downtown Birmingham's business district.

14th Street begins at the northern end of 14th Street South, emerging from the 14th Street underpass underneath the railroad tracks of the Railroad Reservation. From there it first crosses Morris Avenue and continues north past 9th Avenue North and ending short of I-20/59. There is an additional short section of the street in Fountain Heights between 11th and 12th Avenue North.

In the city's early history, a low-lying marshy area northwest of 14th Street and 2nd Avenue North fronted the Baconsides slum district.

The 2004 City Center Master Plan recommended "greening" 14th Street as a walkable corridor connecting UAB and the Railroad Park on Southside to the Entrepreneurial Center and the Birmingham Social Security Administration Center downtown. A $1.3 million landscape improvement project, including new sidewalks and paving, was begun in December 2009. The project was funded largely with federal money.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 14th Street North category.
  • 2nd Avenue North intersects
    • former "small creek" emerges west of 14th Street (1891)
    • former Birmingham, Powderly & Bessemer Railroad crossing (1891)
    • former location of Pizitz Tire Center
    • west side (Block 92):
      • 200-230: former location of "negro quarters" (1891)
        • 200-210: Edward's Chevrolet used car lot
          • 200: former location of dwelling (1891)
          • 204: former location of dwelling (1891)
          • 206: former location of dwelling (1891)
          • 210: former location of hall (1891)
    • 2nd Alley North intersects
        • 212-230: Edward's Chevrolet used car lot
          • 212: former location of dwelling (1891)
          • 216: former location of dwelling (1891)
          • 230: former location of dwelling (1891)
    • east side (Block 91):
      • 201-211: Edward's Chevrolet car lot
        • 201: former location of grocery / fruit stand (1891)
        • 203: former location of dwelling (1891)
        • 207: former location of dwelling (1891)
        • 211: former location of dwelling (1891)
    • 2nd Alley North intersects
      • 213-231: Edward's Chevrolet car lot
        • 213: former location of dwelling (1891)
        • 225-231: former location of grocery / confectionery (1891)