16th Street North

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16th Street North is one of the primary north-south streets on the western side of downtown Birmingham's business district. It connects the city's historic 4th Avenue Historic District to the Fountain Heights residential neighborhood.

16th Street does not cross the Railroad Reservation. It begins at Morris Avenue and continues north-northwest under I-20/59. At 14th Avenue North it takes slight turn to the north. Past 15th Avenue North it becomes an alley, bending northeast to connect to 17th Street North.

At I-65 a separate section of 16th Street North is carried over the interstate on the 16th Street Overpass, which is a continuation of 17th Street North. The overpass forms an interchange with exits from north and southbound interstate traffic, and one onramp onto I-65 South. From there it continues uninterrupted past Acipco to 35th Avenue North, just shy of the ridge of Sand Mountain at Zion Heights.

Notable locations

For an alphabetical list of locations, see the 16th Street North category.
1927 view of the 200 block of 16th Street North, with the Thomas Jefferson Hotel under construction.