Birmingham Gas Company

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Birmingham Gas Company plant in 1908

The Birmingham Gas & Electric Company was one of the city's first public utilities. It was chartered on June 4, 1879 by Frank O'Brien, J. F. B. Jackson along with William H. Morris, Thomas Jeffers and others. The company was consolidated into the Birmingham Railway, Light & Power Company when it was formed in 1898, with its assets officially acquired in 1901.

The company's main gas plant was located on the northwest corner of the intersection of 13th Street and 2nd Avenue North. The associated Birmingham Electric Light & Illuminating Co. was located across the alley, on 3rd Avenue North. After 1915 its offices were located in the Birmingham Gas Company building at 1918-1922 1st Avenue North.

By 1920 the company's gas plant could produce 1,600,000 cubic feet of gas, and store a reserve supply of 4,000,000 cubic feet. The company sponsored an "All-Gas Kitchen" display at the reopened Loveman's flagship department store in 1935.

It was acquired and merged into the Alabama Gas Corporation in the late 1930s.