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John R. Ray is a music producer and concert promoter. His business, Just In Time Music, is located at 1610 4th Avenue North.

Ray is the son of Bishop Robert Crim, founder of the United Apostolic Church of God, and his wife Mary Ray Crim, who owned Crim's Boarding Home.

Ray is known for organizing the Southern Heritage Festival at the Alabama State Fairgrounds in the 1960s and 1970s, and bringing it back in 2004. He also promoted three Michael Jackson concerts in Dallas, Texas and organized the annual Southeast Regional Battle of the Bands at Legion Field.

Ray put out records under his Turning Point Productions label. He also owned Sebastian's nightclub and Magic City Records in 1987 and later John Ray's Supper Club and Club Mozambique. He also worked at WENN-FM as a radio host under the name "Papa Rock", where he mentored a young Curtis Bell.

Ray is the father of Lashunda Scales.