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This article is about the market at 2211-2215 3rd Avenue North. For other markets, see City Market (disambiguation).
Exterior of the Municipal Market
Interior of the Municipal Market

The Municipal Market was a city-owned market building which was constructed in the 1920s at 2211-2215 3rd Avenue North, on the southwest corner of 23rd Street. The interior of the 28,000 square foot market was divided into 100 numbered stall spaces, which were leased individually or in groups by individual vendors.

It operated as a public market for the remainder of the decade, but was vacant before January 1935, at which time it was under consideration as a site for a new National Guard Armory, which was constructed in Graymont instead. It housed Whitton's Auto Service Co. garage in the early 1940s.

In the mid-1940s the city sought to present the vacant building as a possible location for a Social Security Administration office. Architects and engineers worked out a plan to add a second story and reclad the exterior with clean, modern limestone panels. Eventually the building's size was increased to five floors and was used as the Social Security office from 1946 until the Social Security Administration Southeast Program Service Center near the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center was completed in 1974. It later housed the American Red Cross.



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