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The Harry Jackson residence in February 2009

The Harry Jackson residence is a stately Red Mountain residence located at 2500 Aberdeen Road. It was designed by architect Charles McCauley and constructed in 1936 for physician Harry Lee Jackson. The two-story colonial-style brick house features a curved porch carried on two thin columns and a heavy-corniced triangular pediment at the center of the front facade. A sun room on the right features large plate-glass windows framed with wood tracery arches and an open terrace above.

During the Civil Rights Movement the house was shared by First Presbyterian Church minister Edward Ramage, his wife Katherine and their children. For his liberal approach to racial integration he was suspected of being a Communist, received death threats, and was drummed out of the pulpit in 1963. (Bass-2002)

The house, later owned by another physician, Jorge Cacaras, served in 1978 as the third-ever Decorators ShowHouse, and the first within Birmingham's city limits. In order to host the patrons' party the back yard swimming pool was drained and covered with a temporary floor with artificial grass. It was refilled from a fire hydrant overnight for the public opening.

The house is currently owned by attorney James Bradford.


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