Hazel Butts

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Hazel Butts (born 1936 in Blount County) moved to Gardendale in 1958. She was married to John Butts and they had two sons.

Butts has been very active in the local community and has volunteered her time with several organizations, including the Little Leaque and the girl's softball league.

In 1965, the Gardendale Elementary PTA President asked about a crossing guard for the school and they approached Butts. She agreed to serve and worked in this position for 50 years. In addition, she also worked in many other areas of service in the schools.

At one time, Butts also served as president of the Gardendale Beautification Board, was vice-president of the Gardendale Athletic Club and was a member of the Gardendale Arts Council. In addition, she used to help coordinate parking for all of the home football games for the junior high and varsity teams.

The street that Bragg Middle School is located on was renamed "Hazel's Way" on June 20, 2016 in honor of Butts, who retired after serving for 50 years as a school crossing guard. She was honored with the reading of a proclamation from the Alabama State Senate that honored her "outstanding professional achievement" and described her as an "adored member of the community."