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The Highland Ice Cream Co. was an ice cream manufacturer and chain of ice cream parlors in Birmingham in the 1920s. The business was founded by former Birmingham Ice Cream Company executive David Stull and operated its production plant at 2500 Avenue G in Lakeview. Highland was known for its range of vivid flavors, including cherry vanilla, black walnut, butter pecan, vanilla bonbon, caramel, lemon and fudge royal. By 1929 Henry O'Brien was president of the company.

In 1935 Stull and an associate, Mercer Grayson, jointly applied for a patent for a rotating ice cream freezer which could be installed in a conventional mechanical refrigerator cabinet, and which improved upon the practice of freezing ice cream in trays by providing the agitation needed to prevent the forming of crystals. The [1] was awarded in 1936, and in 1937 Grayson founded his own Grayson's Delicious Ice Creams in competition with Stull.

Stull died in 1942 and the ice cream company was reincorporated by W. D. Dobbins, Durall Dobbins and Sidney Smyer as Stull's Highland Ice Cream Co., which was merged into the Barber Ice Cream Company on January 1, 1972.


In 1926 the company had four locations: