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Hugh Cort III (born October 29, 1951 in Fort Knox, Kentucky) is a practicing psychiatrist, author, and Republican politician.

Cort is the son of Violet and Hugh Cort, Jr., who was a computer analyst who served as a tank commander in the Korean War.

Cort earned his bachelor of arts in sociology at UAB in 1974 and went on to get a master's in social work at the University of Alabama in 1980 and a doctorate in medical education (1987) and doctor of medicine from UAB (1992). He opened his psychiatric practice in Mountain Brooks Office Park in 2003 after a residency at South Alabama (199296) and stints as a staff psychiatrist at Lloyd Noland Hospital (199697) and Brookwood Hospital (19982003).

In Alabama's 2006 primary elections, Cort finished fourth in the race to represent Alabama House District 48, which was won by Greg Canfield. At a National Press Club event on January 21, 2007 he began a campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. His campaign message was centered around counter-terrorism initiatives which he believed were necessary in order to thwart a planned "American Hiroshima" in which Al Qaeda would simultaneously detonate suitcase-sized nuclear devices in multiple American cities. He also advocated immediate air strikes against nuclear sites in Iran.

Cort's platform also included "pro-life" and "pro-marriage" amendments to the United States Constitution to bar abortions and same-sex marriages. He supported the "Fair Tax", and reductions in government spending, and supported business interests by favoring "tort reform" to reduce lawsuits against businesses. He also supported the privatization of the Social Security system and human exploration of Mars. He received 35 votes in the 2008 primary elections in Jefferson County and 11 in Shelby County.

Cort resides in Mountain Brook and is a member of Cahaba Fellowship. He is active with Gideons International and has participated in medical missions to Africa. He is also a member of the President's Club of the Republican National Committee.


  • Cort, Hugh III () Saddam's Attacks on America: 1993; September 11, 2001; and The Anthrax Attacks.

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