J. Q. A. Wilhite

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Wilhite c. 1895

Reverend John Quincy Adams Wilhite (born August 13, 1854 in Louisville, Kentucky; died June 8, 1908 in Birmingham) was the fourth pastor of the Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, serving from 1895 to 1907.

Wilhite studied at Roger Williams University in Nashville and was ordained a minister in Louisville in 1878. He pastored the Second Baptist Church of Eufaula and Uniontown Baptist Church in Uniontown and served as a financial officer for Selma University. He was named president of the Foreign Missions Board for the National Baptist Convention in 1882. He was named to succeed J. W. White as pastor of 6th Avenue Baptist beginning in May 1895. While in the city he was also president of the Birmingham Mutual Burial Association.

Wilhite's health began to fail in March 1907, forcing him to leave the pulpit. He died in June 1908.

Wilhite married the former Kate Talbert and had several children, including some of the first students at Industrial High School.


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